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The Most Common Print Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them

Avoid getting your print back from us with errors!

Making mistakes is part of everyday life, we all do it. Some mistakes are worse than others, but at the end of the day the majority of mistakes can be corrected. There are however, some mistakes that can only be corrected at a hefty price, for instance, 20 A0 posters, or 1000 flyers!

Making mistakes when creating your artwork to send to us to print sometimes can't be helped, but if you follow these tips of ours, you're sure to minimise the chance of these mistakes occuring.

  1. Check your document size and print area

  2. Make sure you have provided bleed

  3. Artwork should always be in CMYK!

  4. Check your image resolution

  5. Proof read... twice!

Document size and print area

Making sure your document is the right size might sound pretty obvious to most people, but it's something that can be easily overlooked. Ensuring your important pieces of information and graphics are not too close to the edge of your document is also essential, you don't want to accidentally cut any information off!

Check your bleed

Bleed is very important when it comes to trimming down and finishing off your print. Although our printers are extremely accurate, materials do sometimes move during the print or finishing process. To counter this, we advise providing at least 3mm bleed on your document, this gives us a nice bit of colour to trim into, and makes sure you don't get a thin white line down one side of your artwork!

CMYK mode please!

Although it's very easy for us to change your artwork to CMYK if you send it over in RGB, it may create some colour change issues that you will not be aware of, for that reason we ask that you change it beforehand so you can see these colour changes and make amendments if needs be.

Image resolution

Images should always be as high a resolution as possible to create the best quality print. Although vectors and other graphics can be created to be scaled up to any size, images have a limit to the amount they can be enlarged, for this reason we ask that all images are supplied in 300DPI, this means they will always be great quality when printed at large sizes.

Proof read everything!

There is nothing worse than sending your artwork over to us to print, only for us to return it and you notice that you added an extra comma somewhere,, or autocorrect messed up your type and changed a worm to something completely random. Proof read your work before you send it to us, proof read it twice if needs be!

If you ever need help with your artwork before sending it over to us, be sure to give us a call or email and we will be happy to guide you through the setup.


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