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Colour Choices & Modes

Getting that right ‘vibe’ to portray your brand and artwork can sometimes be tricky. Do you want your brand to come across as ambitious and professional or laid-back and friendly? Is your brand promoting health and wellness or comfort and convenience?

A good way to step into the right direction to building your brand would be with the correct use of colour.

Here is a guide of colour use to help evoke the intended emotions for your brand:

There are also different colour modes when setting up your artwork to be printed, so be sure you use the correct one.

Though RGB (Red, Green & Blue) can appear brighter on the your screens, it isn’t ideal for print. This is because RGB mode creates different colours by bending light, perfect for monitors that emit light but not so good on paper that absorbs light, usually resulting in a duller visual. This is where CMYK comes in.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) creates colours for print as they are lighter than the RGB mode and can therefore be layered up on material whilst still creating bright colours.

Hopefully our guide to colour and colour modes will help you with your creations. Not only will your prints look high in quality when setting up in CMYK, but they will also look well thought out with your colour choices.


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