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Design, Print & Covid-19

With a rapidly changing world being more and more present everyday since COVID-19 struck the planet, it’s hard to know what our new normal everyday is to look like. However, two constants that have been present during these uncertain times have been creativity and print!

Creatives have used their imagination and skills to not only entertain others with artwork but also advise nations with simple, easy to follow safety guides to try and keep the virus at bay through graphic designs and illustrations with print being used to help display these well needed guidelines.

Whether it be essential workplaces such as big supermarkets, smaller independent stores or businesses preparing for the long awaited ‘go ahead’, print is able to create grand re-opening signs whilst keeping safety measures in check, easing the minds of employees and customers alike.

Here are a few ideas on how print can help you and your business during the time of COVID


- Floor Stickers: Durable, customisable and removable vinyl. Able to be repositioned and adjusted for new safety rules to follow.

- Posters: Keep customers reminded of the social safety rules or advertise potential future events.

- Floor Stencils: Keep showing that you care for your customers even outside the company doors by holding safety measures intact for customers queueing outdoors.

- Banners: A grand banner for a grand re-opening! A great way to advertise that you’ll soon be open for business that people can see from a distance.

- Brochures/Leaflets: These forms of print work well to keep old and new customers in the know of any new procedures put in place when re-opening.

- Roller Banners: Roller banners are a great way to promote a brand or inform customers on arrival of new safety rules in your establishment.

Find our full list of COVID-19 products here.


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