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2019 Design Influences + Trends

Like everything in the world, design is constantly evolving and changing with the times.

And as we navigate through these confusing times we appear to be focusing on the future, whether that is through the upgrading of technology and user experience or trying to protect our future through forms of activism. However, at the same time we have a yearning for what once was with rose-tinted nostalgia.

As a result these two contrasting mindsets have merged into our visual world of design.

Here are a few ways the past and future are influencing our present design trends.

Realism + Flat Design

This mixture of real-life imagery alongside flat, full coloured backgrounds gives the effect of textured visuals.

The contrast between the two elements creates a 3D quality for the realistic aspect combined with a retro feel of the chaotic block colours often seen in postmodern design.

Open Compositions

This trend is all about open spaces as we get rid of grids, rules and frames.

No more feeling boxed in by borders with limitless placements.

Minimal + Bold

Borders and frames may be out, but outlined typography is in.

Outlined text with no filling gives a piece of design a clean, minimal appearance without clutter whilst still having the affect of flow and inclusivity as the transparency of the text moulds with the background.


The ultimate nod to the future. With 3D printing becoming more available and incredibly realistic virtual worlds becoming more mainstream, it makes sense to incorporate more 3D elements into design. This creates the feeling of the design being a part of its own bigger universe that we are only seeing a sneak peak of.


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