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Creating Print Ready Artwork

Spending hours and hours creating some amazing artwork, only to have your printer request you make some changes so they can achieve the best print is a very annoying problem. It's not the printers fault, and if you didn't really know, then it isn't your fault either.

But it's a very avoidable problem when you actually have the knowledge and information to know what you are doing and how to prepare print ready artwork, artwork that will be sent to the printers and returned printed and finished in no time at all!

Our handy checklist goes through everything you should ensure before sending off your artwork to us.


If you are sending something to be screen printed, make sure you have given a Pantone reference for every colour you have on your artwork, it makes the job much quicker and accurate when it's being processed.

Always supply artwork in a CMYK format. Although RGB may look better on your screen, we print in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black! Supplying artwork in CMYK will ensure you have no colour changes from your on-screen artwork and your final printed work.

Cut Marks

Whilst not ALWAYS necessary, cut marks sure do make life a lot easier and clearer. Placing easy to see cut marks show us exactly how you want your work finished, this avoids any confusion.


We understand that sometimes files can end up being quite large in size, but for us, anything under 50MB is preferable. Although we can still use artwork that is over this size, it becomes quite slow to work with.

Links & Fonts

Particularly when sending artwork with plenty of images or different, unique fonts; it's a good idea to outline all fonts and also attach copies of the images you have used. This ensures everything prints correctly this side and you don't get your amazing font replaced with Arial!


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