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T-Shirt Printing

Thinking of getting personalised t-shirts printed? We have you covered... We have the ability to both screen print directly on to t-shirts using extremely durable inks, ensuring your t-shirts withstand the test of time!

Not only do we offer screen printing, if you are after a more bespoke design we can also use our special sublimation techniques to apply vinyls directly to t-shirts, these are heat pressed on and are great for getting t-shirts with photos on!

Colours, colours, colours!

We have a large selection of different colour t-shirts always in stock for you to take your pick from. We can even order in specific colours suited to your needs. All our t-shirts are made from high quality cotton that holds the ink excellently.

Screen Vs Sublimation.jpg

Screen Vs Sublimation?

Screen printing t-shirts and using sublimation techniques produces two different results, but both results are of the upmost quality. 

Our team can help advise you on the best kind of printing for you, depending on what your request is. Variables when it comes to choosing between screen printing and sublimation can be extensive, such as colours, quantity, detail and where the image needs to be placed on the t-shirt itself.

Whilst screen printing is cost effective in larger quantities, if you are aiming to get a photograph printed on to a t-shirt then it may not be the way forward. On the flip side, if you want us to print your business logo on to a larger quantity of t-shirts, then screen printing is definitely the right choice. 

Our friendly team can help you choose the most cost effective way of getting your t-shirts printed.


Screen printing brings about amazing results, it's superb for prints that contain defined lines and simple colour palettes. 

As you can see in the images below the quality is amazing at even small sizes, our screen printers manage to keep every single detail from your design. 

IMG-0454 b+w.jpg
IMG-0450 b+w.jpg
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