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When navigating the world of large format print it can get a little daunting not knowing the differences between materials and each of their functions and fortes.

Here is a list of materials often used in large format print to help you decided what would work best for you project.


With a foamex core lined with vinyl either side, the PVC foam sheet is both strong and sturdy whilst also being a lightweight material. Completely flat and smooth.

This durable material is also waterproof so it’s perfect for permanent use such as exhibition signs and outdoor advertising.


Correx is another lightweight material but better suited for temporary signage as it is also recyclable.

It is also weatherproof and easy to attach to other surfaces whether it be via glue, Velcro, staples and even suction cups so works wonders for both indoor and outdoor signage.

Correx has flutes making up the inside of a sheet to help it be lightweight.


A premium material with a foam core lined with hard PVC sides. This combination makes this material both lightweight and strong and rigid. Stadur is also shatter-proof and crack-proof making it durable so ideal for free-standing displays.


Dibond is another premium material with a core of polyethylene between aluminium creating a very strong sheet.

It is durable, weatherproof and rust resistant which makes it ideal for permanent signage both indoor and outdoor.


Generally transparent but also available in other colours, acrylic prints are clear and sharp.

This premium material of rigid plastic sheets are waterproof, weather resistant and durable making them perfect for outdoor and indoor signage as well counter displays and even smart personalised gifts.

Acrylics are also extremely easy to clean.


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