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The Ultimate Print Checklist For An Outdoor Event

Are you organizing an outdoor event? As spring approaches, preparations have begun for the upcoming King's Coronation. The options for your outdoor adventures are limitless, from fairs and festivals to markets and outdoor exhibitions.

Before you start decorating with flags and party hats, take a look at our practical print checklist to ensure that your event is a tremendous success.

Whether it's your own space or a rented outdoor venue, how you transform it is crucial. Welcome your guests with flags and A-boards, and set up creative backdrops for memorable photo opportunities. Being well-prepared is always a good idea.

Before your event

  • Is the event invitation-only? Print and distribute personalized invites to your customers or loyal clients so they know when and where to attend. After all, you want people to show up!

  • If you have caterers, it's a good idea to print menus to inform your guests about the food options. These can be individually printed or displayed as posters or display boards in the catering areas.

  • Display boards are also useful for highlighting specific areas, such as restrooms, ATMs, phone charging stations, and first aid points.

  • Create directional signage to help guests navigate your event easily. Depending on the venue's size, you might benefit from printing a large map to display at the entrance so people can plan their day.

  • Consider using roller banners or PVC banners to promote customized messages at your event. These can attract visitors' attention and showcase quotes or slogans that bring your event to life.

  • Most importantly, create a talking point! People love to pose for selfies, so design a decorative vinyl backdrop to encourage visitors to share the event with their friends.

Event Day!

  • Give wristbands to your guests upon arrival. It's a great way to personally meet your attendees and brand something they will wear throughout the day.

  • Leaflets and flyers are essential print materials that can be handed out during the event to promote products, competitions, or future events (especially useful if your event is part of a series).

  • Don't underestimate the power of business cards. Whether used traditionally or as part of a promotion on the day, these pocket-sized rectangles are an effective way to make people remember you once the event is over.

  • If you have any interactive activities, such as a charity donation initiative, consider using table talkers on tables or bar tops to promote QR codes that link to your website. This encourages immediate action and helps you capture leads.

  • Who doesn't love stickers? Whether it's for kids, name badges, or simply for fun, stickers make great gifts for your guests and leave them with a lasting memory from the day.

Congratulations on hosting a successful outdoor event. Now, how can you leverage this success? Through print, of course! Here are a few tips for following up after your event to engage customers and guests and prepare them for the next one:

  • Send thank-you cards to your attendees, providing a summary of the event. Include photos from the day and even a special offer.

  • Did you meet anyone influential? Follow up with them using a customized brochure or presentation folder. It's an excellent way to stay top of mind and nurture potential sponsors or leads.

  • Plan ahead and start designing for your next outdoor event. Reflect on what worked well and consider how you can make it even bigger and better. Build on your learnings and aim for continued success.

  • If you're looking to create something unique for your outdoor event, such as custom-shaped stickers, specific-sized brochures, VIP tickets and selfie frames


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