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Tips for Large Format Print


Try to use vector formats in you artwork when possible. This allows you to scale up vector images and text to large format without losing the quality as you would from a pixel format.


Get your artwork print ready by creating it with CMYK colour mode (See more on printing colour in our ‘The Most Common Print Mistakes’ blog post.)

If your brand identity requires specific pantones, ask the printers to match your colours.

Work Smaller

Most programs have a size limit on the canvas you work on. This can make it difficult to create size-ready artwork for large format print. Create the design at a smaller scale (such as at 50%) and use vectors and high resolution images that will be simple to scale up to full size without resolution issues for your artwork.


As large format prints are usually created for catching attention and long distance viewing make sure you use clear and legible text in a large point size so not to blend into the design.


While creating your large format design, take a step back from your monitor to experience your work from a distance as it will be viewed. This will help you catch any mistake or changes to be made before sending of to be printed.


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