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T-Shirt Printing - The Right Method For You!

When it comes to printing T-shirts there are multiple ways to go about it. With a variety of methods that can be used to print on garments it all depends on what it is you are specifically looking for. By knowing what it is you want, we can match that up to the perfect method of print to help you get your personalised, stylish and overall great looking T-shirt designs.

So what types of printing method is it that you require?

Here is a list of T-shirt printing methods that we provide and why they could work for you.

Heat Press Vinyl

Heat Press Vinyl is a popular T-shirt printing method for jobs involving one-off/smaller orders or simple personalised designs.

This form of printing is completed by cutting the artwork out of the vinyl followed by the process of weeding (removing any excess material around the design). Then the weeded vinyl is mounted onto the transfer material to then be positioned on the T-shirt. Finally with the correct temperature and pressure the design is heat-pressed onto the T-shirt...simple!

Heat pressing vinyl is so durable due to the strength of the synthetic material, making it resilient to moisture and heat.


The sublimation method of printing is pretty different to most other printing methods as the ink actually becomes a part of the fabric. Unlike other ways of printing where the ink is layered on top of the material, sublimation uses a special type of ink that, when applied onto the T-shirt and heat-pressed, becomes a gas that molds in with the fabric.

The sublimation process is great to create bold and bright coloured images; however, it only works with polyester fabrics. So if it’s a printed cotton Tee that you are after then this method isn’t for you.

Screen Printing

One of the most well known forms of T-shirt printing as well as the most popular with the T-shirt printing pros is screen printing.

Great for big and small orders, amazing bold quality with almost any colour and long lasting due to the thick inks used on the material, screen printing is a great method to use. However, though the actual process of printing is one of the quickest out of all the methods, it is the setup of individual screens for each colours that takes up time. So if you have a big order with little colour, screen printing is the perfect match.

So there you have it - a little insight into the world of T-shirt printing to help you know what type of print will work best for you and your designs! Enjoy creating!


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