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Roller Banner Tips

If your business is taking part in an industry/promotional event or you just need on-the-go marketing, Roller Banners are a great way to display your brand and information.

Though the design and layout of roller banners are similar to that of other larger format print pieces there are a few unique aspects to take into account.

Location - Where is the Roller Banner going?

In order to get the most out of your roller banner design, first you need to think about where it is going to be seen.

Is it for a specific event or to be used and moved several times in different locations? Knowing this can help structure the layout and information to get the most out of it. If it’s getting moved around a lot you could use more eye-catching means to start conversations quicker or if it’s for a single location for a longer period you could add more information knowing that people will have time to stop and read before a discussion.

Think Top to Bottom

Apply the logo of your business at the top of the banner.

For the same reason logos are added to the top left corner of a website, we have been conditioned to naturally work our way starting at the top of a visual piece down to the bottom. Making you logo the first thing they see means your audience knows who they are dealing with right off the bat.

Use High - Resolution Images

As roller banners are quite large in size and layout it is important to use high quality images for your roller banner. Even if your images look fine on screen while setting up the design, remember it will be scaled up when printed as well as having an audience that can get up close.

Keep it Short - Add What you need

You don’t want to bombard your audience with information to leave them feeling overwhelmed. Give them the necessities and a few key facts to get them wanting to find out more along with details on where they can do so.

Know Your Space

When setting up the artwork for your roller banner design it is important to know the correct measurements and sizes. The general size of a roller banner is usually 800mm or 850mm wide and 2000mm in height; however, when setting up your artwork don’t forget to take into consideration the roller base. This is part of the banner that is attached and securely rolled into the base, so make sure you add 200mm of free space to the bottom of your roller banner artwork so no information will get hidden away.


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