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Print vs Screen

Now digital media has become an ever surrounding presence in our every day lives, it is somewhat surprising to find print still around...and yet here it is alive and kicking!

So why is print still in demand despite having a world of knowledge literally a click away? Well, there are some things you just can’t get from a screen.

Here are a few Pros for Print in our current digitally obsessed world:

Stimulates the Senses

One of the main factors when dealing with print instead of digital media is the experience of something tangible. Holding a printed piece stimulates the senses with various qualities that you can’t get with screens.

The texture and weight of the material when flicking through a catalogue, the smell of an old book or the ink on a freshly printed magazine. All of these senses can also attribute to memory, so you’re more likely to remember where on the page that memorable quote you want to find again was positioned in contrast to forever scrolling through that online article.


Not to get down on digital media for it really is pretty magnificent, it is also very distracting. Whether it is pop-up ads, opened tabs or other news stories or blog posts *wink wink* just sitting there on the screen begging to be clicked because that is one hell of a catchy can sometimes feel like you have fallen down a rabbit hole of information and before you know it hours have gone by. Print media, on the other hand, can’t be interrupted by a pop-up ad you have no interest in. You can focus on your one cookies needed.

Paper or Paperless

It has been understood that paperless is more environmentally-sustainable with the constant reminders of those ‘don’t print this email’ messages we all know too well; however,it might not be 100% true.

Though the paper industry has lead to questions on deforestation, the digital industry is not the so-sustainable alternative as once thought as vast amounts of energy is needed to power and store e-waste as well as the manufacturing of electronic products.

But how can using print and paper work FOR the environment in a positive way? Well, according to Greenpeace co-founder, Dr Patrick Moore;

“To address climate change, we must use more wood, not less. Using wood sends signals to the marketplace to grow more trees.... Trees are the only abundant, biodegradable and renewable global resource.”


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