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Graphic Designs Trends for 2020

New Year, new design trends!

Like everything when it comes to the start of a new year it’s time for to change things up a bit, even when it comes to design.

Here are a few design trends that you will see cropping up throughout the year.

Monochrome Images

A different take on minimal design, photographs will be made simplified via monochrome colour filters. Simple yet eye-catching.

Futuristic Colour Schemes

With everyday life becoming more futuristic with the integration and evolution of technology (though still no flying cars), design is also leaning toward a more futuristic aesthetic.

Colours will be bright, bold and neon to catch the eye similar to that for the cyberpunk style.

3D (Isometric & bevel/chisel)

Keeping with the futuristic theme, 3D design will continue being used just as much as it was in 2019; however, with a few variants.

Isometric design to present 2D visuals in 3D as well as bevel & chisel design to create 3D forms through specifically placed hard lines or block colours.

Line/Doodle Illustration

For the being, minimal design is here to stay. It is also evolving through illustrations in the form of line art such as geometric illustrations or simple doodle styles. This creates a clean, and fluid overall design whilst also feeling friendly and approachable.

Contrasting Elements (Collage/Illustration Overlays)

Illustrations will also be a part of the over-laying design trend. Giving a design an almost scrapbook feel, contrasting elements such as paper cut-out collaging and doodle illustrations will be placed and contrasting with photographs.

Throwback Inspiration

Though design appears to be heading toward heavy futuristic themes with minimal aesthetics and bright colour schemes, it will also be heavily influenced by the past.

Vintage logos, retro colours/patterns and hand-drawn illustrations such as from packaging and brand identity of the 50s/60s will be big inspirations for modern design.

Design is about merging past art styles with the current to create something new.


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