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Adobe: Which Programs for what projects?

Creativity comes in many different forms; whether it is in illustrations, film making, graphic design or photography. However, it can also be quite confusing navigating through the vast number of programs to find out which software tool is best to work with and enhance your creative projects.

Here is a list help you discover which Adobe Creative Cloud program is best for you.


Photoshop is an image editing tool best for working on pixel-based (rasterized) images. This program gives you control over every pixel and colourizing; therefore, is ideal for editing photography and adjusting photo-based designs.

Photoshop Can:

- Edit and retouch photographs

- Create 3D imagery

- Customise brushes

- Create animations

- Colourize


The go-to program when it comes to creating artwork such as logos and other illustrations. Illustrator works in vector format allowing artwork to be scaled up and down to whatever size is needed whilst keeping the clarity and quality.

Illustrator Can:

- Create Vectors

- Add colour, texture and other effects

- Comine and edit artwork

- Edit typography

- Draw


Purposefully set up as a publishing tool, InDesign is ideal for projects involving typography/typesetting and page layouts. This program is perfect for arranging multi-page documents and is mainly used in the creation of brochure, magazines and books.

InDesign Can:

- Arrange typography

- Organize multi-page documents

- Import images and pieces of text

- Work with vector images

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a video editing program best used for edits involving audio, transitions, adding text or effects or simply just editing video clips together. Best program to use for trimming clips and general video edits.

Premiere Pro Can:

- Edit video with existing clips

- Edit audio within video

- Place transitions between clips

After Effects

After Effects is a digital motion graphics tool. As the name suggests, it is the program to use to add more visual and special effects to videos during the editing process.

After Effects Can:

- Create motion graphics

- Add motion blur

- Create title sequences with animation


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